Best LED Tactical FlashLight of 2017

The best tactical flashlight is not just about the lumens; there’s more to it. By the time you make it to the end of this page, you would have learnt them all.

UPDATE: If you don’t have patience, here’s the sorted out list of top tactical flashlights based on rating and original consumer feedback (not company ads).

You are a man who has prepared to face everyday as it comes. Any regular day or holiday trips, you should have the edge for survival skills and hence the right tools are what truly matter.

A regular flashlight will never cope up with your ethics. That’s why for men like us, tactical flashlights are something inevitable in our gear, for they differentiate themselves from the normal lot; based on brightness, durability and power.

Why Do You Need A Tactical Flashlight?

The following two reasons stated will put an end to the dilemma.

  • They are quite reliable and trustworthy in situations where you are likely to find yourself endangered or lost, by providing outstanding visibility in the dark.
  • These are built to last. PERIOD!

As we are all human beings, we do NOT settle until we find the best product that gives us the ultimate satisfaction. Thus, choices vary depending on the individual and his requirements. My personal experience and research are unbiased, unconditional and hence reliable.

Interactive Comparison Table

ProductLumensWeightHeightPriceRating (Out of 5)
Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL
6000.35 pounds5.25 inches$$4.7
SureFire E2D LED Defender
2000.23 pounds5.4 inches$$$5
Fenix TK35
8600.56 pounds6.45 inches$$$4.6

So now you know the brands and model names of some of the best tactical flashlight makers.

What To Actually Look For?

Its quite intimidating to grasp every little detail given in the specs sheet, at first. That is because we think every tiny detail matters. Not really. You need to consider only a handful of those that truly matter. Lets look at ’em.


These are units that help us to measure the amount of total light produced. Hence higher the amount of lumens, brighter the light will be. 150-200 lumens are generally acceptable. But tac flashlights that use as far as 900 lumens are also available in the market.

Note: Higher the brightness, lower the battery life. So simply going for the highest lumen may not be a great purchase decision.

Beam Distance

This is simply the measure of the length of the beam distance in accordance with the lumen specified. Or simply put, how far the light can travel.

Battery Life

Always make sure there is enough juice to ooze out. Battery life being a major concern for power users, various manufacturers have encapsulated re-chargeable AA or AAA batteries.

The above parameters are vital. But you should not completely ignore the obvious ones like height, weight, etc. since they are what makes your handling easy or difficult in critical situations. So you should also consider:


If you are looking to keep one at home, then length and weight are not something to be bothered about too much. At the same time, if you are an outdoor addict or working in the law enforcement or military departments, both length and weight should be of considerable importance to you so as to ensure your adaptability in survival tactics.

Top 3 LED Tactical Flashlights – Winners of 2014

I would like to repeat over and over that your concern over the best tactical flashlight in the world is a bit impractical. Instead, you must ask yourself which is the best for me. With that said, let us look at the winners who managed to meet the criteria satisfying multiple target audience, yet in a balanced way.

Stream light Stinger

Being the favorite of majority of the power users, this guy literally challenges every other competitor out there, to come up with something of this quality and substance. This makes it obvious that people with preference over relatively small ergonomics should consider looking at other good models. Weighing a baffling 13.6 ounce with a length of 10.9 inches, this is a powerful tool for security and law enforcement officers.

Well lets consider what separates this from other brands: A lumen output of 350, which is well above the normal range. If there’s one model which people would fall in love with just by looking at the specs sheet, its the Stream Light Stinger. Its damn impressive!

SureFire E2D

This appeals to users who prefer portable and light weight tactical flashlights. It weighs 3.7 ounces and is 5.4 inches long. With an average lumen output measure of 120, it is quite a unique flashlight of its own. But let this not discourage you, because even at this brightness output level, consumer reports have clearly stated its ability to temporarily blind a suspect. Sounds amazing, right? Its called ‘getting the most out of every lumen‘.


With that said, the product isn’t cheap; probably something to do with the assurance of quality felt from an established brand name, right? But there’s more than that:

This has been witnessed as a durable self defense tool in major security-based offices and campaigns. SureFire is a name heavily relied by law enforcement/military officers and adventure-driven extreme civilians. Video demonstrations of insane drop tests have created a lot of buzz for the brand, thus proving their outstanding durability as a result of quality engineering. And that must be the reason the price is a bit on the higher end.

Hence the price tag of this aggressive guy is justifiable in every manner.


Fenix TK35 is the ultimate choice for a lot of camping and adventure addicts. It has an extremely bright light with one of the best reflectors mounted inside while weighing 275 gms with 165 mm in length. It is made of an LED chip with a 50,000 hour lifetime. Hence, spare bulbs and budget are not a matter of concern at all. It has a range of 333m, 900 lumens with a sniper aid capability! Isn’t that remarkable?


With a microchip regulation, it offers a constant brightness, even nearing the end of its battery life. And not to mention that the the battery circuit has a self resisting property towards over-discharge.

Well, the price is a bit of a concern. But contemplating over its features will make you fall head over heels in love with this product. So the choice is always yours: To live up with a mediocre OR move on with a professional tactical flashlight like this one.

Is that all?

Of course, there are a lot more models not mentioned in our comparison as well as in our reviews on this page. As said before, a lot of hours have been put into this so as to separate the real MEN from the BOYS. Still, if you feel like we have really missed a worthy brand or model in the list, please write to us.

Though we haven’t specifically addressed some points to be in your concern, let me explain it here concluding this review as well.

  • Always ensure that the power switch on the tac flashlight is an instant sturdy on/off switch.
  • Light source is LED with a minimum lumen power in the range of 150-200. – Ensure Battery life is built to last. –
  • Always make sure that the body material can withstand severe drops, and is durable. Ex: Aluminum.

Hope my review did justice in increasing your knowledge about tac flashlights and upbringing awareness about the key factors to consider, thereby helping you to chose the most suitable flashlight for your needs.